What To Wear For Family Photos


I’ve done enough family photos over the years to know that so many people dread this process. So I’m here to give you a few tips to make this as painless as possible…and maybe, just maybe, even a little fun!

I have to say, I really do love photographing families together, knowing that these photos will probably hang on their walls for years to come, and that future generations will look back on them. It’s such an honor to capture who that family is at that point in time.

With that being said, I love when clients embrace that! Throw your Pintrest perfect family expectations out the window…because what we are going to create will be better…it will be real & it will be YOU!

Let’s have your family cuddle, tickle, laugh, & run! We will totally still do some traditional photos too. But I just want to capture you guys being you! When you embrace that, it won’t frustrate you when your kids start doing their own thing (which happens at almost every shoot), or your hubby grabs your tush instead of tenderly holding your face like you see in the influencer’s feeds. We’re going to capture genuine laughs, & special moments between you all.

One of the biggest tips I have with kids, is feed them right before the session! Full tummies make for happy kids! 

And the last thing is, remind your family it’s only 20 minutes! I’m super fast with photos, and we don’t stay in one place for long! We mix up the groups, we move to new spots, we keep in moving so that it’s not boring!


This is where I feel people stress out the most about family photos. Picking your own outfit for family photos is hard enough, let alone picking out everyone’s outfits for family photos! I get it…it’s stressful! So I made this little guide for you in hopes I can give you some ideas & inspiration for your photo session.

First off, let me just say it…let’s ditch the matchy-matchy look. Gone are days of everyone in denim with white shirts posing on the beach. Let’s have a little fun with it!

I’d say the easiest way to start is to pick a color scheme with at least three colors. It could be as simple as denim, gray, & black. It gives people options—someone might wear a dark grey shirt & jeans; another person might where a black & heathered grey striped dress. Everyone will have their own individual look, but it will all tie together. 

Don’t be afraid of patterns or textures either! I mean maybe don’t have everyone in head to toe different florals, but some stripes, gentle florals, & polka dots make things interesting! Some fun textures to add are chunky sweaters, tulle, or crushed velvet.

My only other suggestion is to not put Dad in a white shirt, especially for beach sessions, or where there is no shade (very shaded locations are usually fine). In those bright locations it tends to just blow out that shirt, and dad will glow (in not a good way haha!). And that’s where your eye will want to go and stay…Dad’s blinding white shirt. I’ve found that white dresses are usually fine in that scenario…because they usually have some texture to them, which helps.

If you’re still feeling unsure, let me know & I would be more than happy to help you decide on outfits for your family.